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Use this guide to learn about the pests most likely to invade local homes. 

What You Need To Know About Pests In Clinton, MO

While learning about pests may not be at the top of your list of things to do, it is essential. The more you understand a pest's wants and needs, the easier it will be to make your property unattractive to them. Use this guide to learn about pests in Clinton, Missouri, and how to prevent an infestation from taking over your property.


Carpenter ant on a leaf

Ants are common insects; they are so familiar to people that they have taken leading roles in songs, books, and movies! As we have taken over more and more natural habitats, ants have adapted to living with people. Almost any outdoor space you visit is likely home to ants.

Our region is home to many ant species, including:

  • Argentine ants

  • Black ants 

  • Carpenter ants

  • Crazy ants

  • Odorous house ants

  • Pharaoh ants

  • Sugar ants

No matter the ant species,  it is essential to understand that these insects are difficult to control. They live and work together in large groups and maintain multiple nesting sites. The best way to avoid ants and the potential dangers and damage they cause is to work with a local pest control professional

To keep ants out of your home, partner with us and utilize these ant prevention tips. Help keep ants out of your home by sealing any tiny crack or crevice you discover in your home’s exterior. Use caulk or another material to fill spaces around wires, cables, and other utilities entering your home. Install door sweeps and ensure screens are intact. For ant control in Lincoln, Garden City, and surrounding areas call now!

Bed Bugs

Close up of a bed bug

Bed bugs are insects that have developed a close relationship with people and are regularly found in our homes and businesses. The sole source of nutrition for bed bugs comes from blood meals, and human are their preferred hosts. Bed bugs have adapted to living where we live and spend our time so they can be near their hosts. 

Bed bugs develop from egg to adult through incomplete metamorphosis, which means their immature nymphs resemble the adults but cannot reproduce. The last nymph stage develops right into an adult without pupating. The bed bug goes through a number of life stages, starting as an egg, then moving through five nymph stages, and finally becoming an adult female or male. At each new nymph stage, they require a blood meal. Adults will consume many blood meals throughout their lives as they complete their life cycles. 

All the adults, nymphs, and eggs must be treated to eliminate a bed bug infestation. Jerry’s Pest Management provides effective treatment to eliminate all the bed bugs from your home. To learn more about removing and preventing future problems with biting bed bugs, reach out now.


Cockroach on a wood table

While cockroaches are usually associated with dirt and unsanitary conditions, any home can become infested with these pests. These pests enter our homes in many different ways, making keeping them away difficult. Cockroaches move inside through any small crack or crevice they come across after being attracted by food or moisture. They also move indoors by hitchhiking inside appliances, furniture, firewood, and deliveries. In multi-unit buildings, cockroaches move through walls, ceilings, and vents from unit to unit. 

Here is a list of some of the types of cockroaches that call our region home:

  • American cockroaches

  • Brown-banded cockroaches

  • German cockroaches

  • Pennsylvania wood roaches

The cockroach has a flat, oval body; while most are winged, most species use their legs to move from place to place. Always contact a pest control expert in Lincoln, Garden City, and surrounding areas to correctly identify the specific cockroach you are dealing with. 

To prevent cockroaches, seal cracks and crevices they could move through using caulk or another material. Remove food temptation by keeping lids on trash cans, washing dirty dishes, and regularly vacuuming. Most cockroaches have high moisture needs, and quickly repairing leaky pipes and fixtures and using dehumidifiers is also helpful in keeping these pests away. 


Brown recluse spider on the floor

Spiders are one of the easier-to-identify pests that find their way to our properties. People can easily identify spiders by their eight legs, two distinct body segments, and quick movements. In our region, the specific species of spiders most likely to find their way to our properties while searching for food, water, and shelter are black widows, brown recluses, grass spiders, orb spiders, and wolf spiders. 

Spiders are a vital part of the ecosystem; they are exceptional predators and help control insect populations that can harm gardens, crops, and people. However, they must be removed when spiders become comfortable on our properties and develop large populations. Spider and insect infestations tend to go hand in hand; if you are spotting spiders on your property, there is likely an insect problem you also need to address. 

Use the following prevention tips to stop spiders and other pests from taking over your property:

  • Remove excess standing water from your property.

  • Maintain your lawn, landscape, and trees.

  • Get rid of clutter from in and around your home.

  • Inspect the exterior of your home and seal openings that could allow spiders and their prey to enter.

For exceptional spider control in Lincoln, call us now.

Stinging Insects

Yellow jacket

Finding an insect that stings in your home or yard can be scary. When stinging insects find their way into our yards, on our homes, or in our homes, they can cause serious problems. The venom these pests inject with their stings is potent enough to cause severe allergic reactions in people. 

Our outdoor spaces provide stinging insects like bald-faced hornets, cicada killers, mud daubers, paper wasps, and yellow jackets with many places to nest and forage for food. Common places to run into stinging insects in your yard are around trees, grill areas, outdoor eating areas, trashcans, gardens, and flowerbeds. These pests are most active during the spring and summer, and their presence can inhibit your family’s ability to spend time outside safely. 

To avoid stinging insects implement the following prevention tips:

  • Keep lids on trash cans and store them away from outside your home and sitting or eating areas.

  • Maintain your lawn.

  • Remove wood piles and other clutter that can provide nesting sites.

  • Regularly harvest fruits and vegetables from gardens and trees.

If you spot swarms of stinging insects on your property, call us so we can provide the treatments necessary to remove these dangerous pests!


Termite in chewed wood

Termites are insects whose primary source of nutrition comes from cellulose found in wood, plants, and other organic materials. These insects are helpful natural recyclers, but they are destructive, difficult-to-control pests in our yards and homes. When they enter our homes, they will feast out of sight on its structural wood and, over time, cause costly and extensive damage.

In our region, we have to guard our properties against two different species: the subterranean termite and the drywood termite. Subterranean termites have high moisture needs and nest in damp soil areas. They are active year-round and travel back and forth from their nest to their food source each day. Drywood termites prefer to feed on dry, sound wood. They nest within the piece of wood they are using as a food source. 

Use the following tips to help avoid a termite problem:

  • Maintain a barrier between the wood on your home and the soil.

  • Eliminate moisture from in and around your home.

  • Remove tree stumps and dead or fallen trees from your property. 

  • Seal cracks and crevices in your home's foundation. 

To guard your home and bank account from termites, reach out and learn about our termite control services. 

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