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Complete Pest Control In Garden City, MO

Garden City is a primarily residential area that is tucked away in the heart of Missouri. And while it might be small, Garden City is home to local boutiques, cafes, and a host of other industries. People choose to live in Garden City because it’s the type of place where you can get to know your neighbors, and there are community hubs like the local library and various cultural centers. Kansas City is also less than an hour’s drive away, so nothing is too far out of reach. 

Even quiet areas like this experience their share of pest problems, which is why Jerry’s Pest Management is here to help. We have been providing complete pest control in Garden City, MO, since 1982. Over the years, we’ve been honing our craft so that we can help create safer homes and businesses. We customize each treatment plan that we put into action and we even offer a range of organic methods. To learn more about the Jerry’s way and receive your free estimate, please call us today!

Residential Pest Control In Garden City, MO

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Pest problems can happen throughout the year when you live in Garden City. At Jerry’s Pest Management, it’s our mission to help you navigate them with confidence. We have been in operation since 1982 and in that time, we’ve worked with countless homeowners on pest concerns such as bed bugs, ants, and cockroaches. Now, we can help you too. Creating and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers is very important to us, so you can always expect effective treatments, reliable customer support, and a guarantee on all of our work. 

If you have general pest concerns, we’ll begin by inspecting your entire property. This includes attics, crawl spaces, kitchens, yards, and more. We then treat both the inside and outside with methods like granular applications, bait stations, and de-webbing. Part of this process entails ten feet of coverage around your home for ultimate protection. To prevent future infestations, we often suggest quarterly scheduled visits. For more information on residential pest control, call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Garden City, MO

At Jerry’s Pest Management, we will work tirelessly to ensure that your Garden City business is free from pests. We have more than 40 years of experience servicing businesses such as medical care facilities, schools, apartment buildings, and much more. Each of our customers receives a plan of action that we tailor to their specific needs because we know that each property is unique. When you decide to partner with us, you can have total peace of mind knowing that pest pressures will be both eliminated and prevented. Our team is thorough, professional, and dedicated. 

Our service includes comprehensive interior and exterior inspections where we look for active pest problems as well as conducive conditions. The initial service that we provide often involves treating high-moisture areas, setting bait stations, and installing the Kat monitoring system. From there, we often move to primarily exterior services on either a quarterly basis but we can come more frequently if it will help you achieve your goals. For more information on our commercial pest control services and how they can benefit your business, call us today.

The Only Reliable Way To Remove Bed Bugs From Garden City Homes

Bed bugs are pests that are very tricky to spot once they invade Garden City homes. They only come out at night when people are sleeping and they tend to invade places such as mattresses and furniture, which only further conceals them. Because they can also live for periods of time without food and they reproduce frequently, the only effective method of bed bug elimination is professional help from Jerry’s Pest Management. With more than 40 years of experience and top-shelf products, we are able to eradicate even the most stubborn of bed bug problems. Our trained pest technicians will perform room-by-room inspections to understand the spread and then make the proper treatment applications. These services are backed by a 30-day guarantee. For more information on professional bed bug removal, call us today.

How To Prevent Ant Hills Springing Up Around Your Garden City Home

When it comes to keeping ant hills away from your Garden City home, you can never be too determined in methods of preventing them. Here are a few tips that ought to be helpful:

  • Start with food sources. Most ants are looking for something sweet to eat. Look around your yard and remove anything that could be construed as a food item. This means getting rid of decomposing fruits that may have fallen from trees, pet food that got left out, or garbage that’s accumulated. 

  • Fix leaks. Ants also need a water source, so it’s very important to make sure that hoses are not dripping, gutters remain clear and unclogged, and that you fix any other faulty plumbing. 

  • Ask for help. There is no more reliable way to prevent ants than with services from a trusted pest expert. They can deliver barrier treatments and other applications to keep them from being an issue. 

For more information on ants in Garden City and how to prevent them, call Jerry’s Pest Management today.

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